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Sometimes, you need to disconnect in order to connect.

Executives, investors, business people, and entrepreneurs have a tendency to push themselves to the limit. They dedicate a lot of time to others and to their businesses but leave very little time to themselves. The XPAND Executive Retreat was created to kickstart changes in these patterns.


XPAND   has been operating since 2017 and takes place around the globe, only a few times every year. It is an exciting and intense 3-day experience tailored for Executives, Founders, Investors, and Businesspeople with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are curious, open, adventurous and ready to creatively examine their personal and business journeys, challenges and questions.


People who have already achieved a thing or two in life, and continuously want to evolve as people, as founders, or as life partners. 

XPAND is designed in a way that allows these special kinds of people to take a break from the never-ending race and reconnect with themselves to explore a broad range of topics through a variety of creative lenses and tools, in a structured, guided process, through proven methodologies. XPAND will enable you to reflect on the core, meaningful, aspects of your life that are vitally important but often get buried under everyday tasks that require seemingly more urgent attention.

XPAND is a personal, private, process done in a group of like-minded people, it is not a group-sharing process. The retreat is held in select, small, intimate groups, and participants are curated through application and personal interviews.








The XPAND Executive Retreats are held 3-4 times a year, in various locations around the world, for small curated groups of international executives, founders, entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen (and women!) with entrepreneurial mindsets.

The next retreats are planned for 2023-2024 in Norway (Aug. 2023), Israel (Oct. 2023), and more to be announced.
For further details, please contact us.

With sufficient advance notice, it is also possible to book a customized organizational retreat in various locations around the world for groups, management offsite events and management development processes.

Smaller, customized, private retreats for individuals (including 1:1) are also possible.

For registration and further details please apply here. Due to the intimate nature of the retreat, the limited number of participants, and a limited number of retreats, not all applications will be accepted, but an answer is guaranteed to all applicants.


**If you were referred by a former XPAND participant please make sure to mention his/her name.

Thanks! Message sent.

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